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For all the conveniences Uber offers, one aspect of the service remains complicated—the process of handling insurance claims after a car accident. If you’ve been injured in a wreck with or in an Uber vehicle, an Uber accident lawyer can help you and your family recover.

Rideshare companies like Uber have made great strides in recent years to make their insurance policies and procedures clearer, but there are still multiple complexities that could complicate an injury claim and potentially leave a victim without the money they need to fully recover. There are often 3-4 insurers involved in any rideshare accident claim.

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The Complexities of Uber Accidents

Since Uber drivers are independent contractors, they are required to carry their own insurance coverage in addition to the coverage provided by Uber. The coverage provided by Uber only covers drivers and passengers during certain periods of a trip. The rules are divided as follows:

  • Offline – When a driver is in their vehicle but not using the app, they are considered “offline”. Any accidents that happen during this period are handled by the driver’s personal insurance policy.
  • Available – When a driver is in their vehicle, using the app, and waiting to accept a ride, they are considered “available”. They are covered by Uber’s insurance coverage—liability only—but for a limited amount ($50k injury/$25k property/$100k total).
  • En Route – When a driver has accepted a ride and is on their way to pick up the passenger, they’re considered “en route”. They’re covered by Uber’s full insurance coverage at this time ($1M liability/$1M uninsured/underinsured motorist injury/and contingent collision/comprehensive).
  • On Trip – When a driver has picked up the passenger and is bringing them to their destination, they’re considered “on trip”. They’re covered by Uber’s full insurance coverage during this time (see above).

As you can begin to see, if you’re injured in an Uber accident, the nature of the crash as well as the status of the driver at the time of the accident will both highly affect your claim. We’re here to help you through all types of accident scenarios. Schedule a free consultation today.

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